Visitor Privacy Statement

Automatic Data Collection

Council For Senior Citizens uses a "cookie file" for anonymous tracking of visitors to our site.

When a visitor requests a page of information from our web site, information about the request is automatically stored in a log file via a javascript "cookie". This information includes the time and date of the request, the type of web browser and operating system being used, and sometimes, the page or search engine from which the visitor is coming. The information does not contain the visitor's name or e-mail address, since the visitor's browser does not provide this information.

Council For Senior Citizens analyzes these log files to learn about how visitors are using the content on the site. This information is used to allocate resources effectively, improve the content of our site, and to inform our funding partners about the utilization of our site.

Third-Party Ad Serving

Council For Senior Citizens works with third parties to provide functionality to various portions of the web site. Advertising and third party data collection may be a requirement of use. The advertisements displayed on our site may also make use of "cookie files".